Glute Stimulator

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No time to work out? Assercize is the perfect solution. It is a muscle stimulator which offers electromagnetic pulses to firm, tone, strengthen, and tighten muscles by stimulating and contracting your muscles without any effort from you...

Product Features :

1. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) sends a signal to the muscles through current stimulation directly, and promotes muscle movement.
2. You can choose different levels and mode according to your needs, the operation has 6 Modes and up to a Level 10, review the manual before using.
3. The product will shut off automatically after 12 minutes, in case that you forget to power off the machine.
4. How long should you use it? About 12 minutes for 2-4 times a day. It is equivalent to 2000M running, 60 minutes of sit-ups, and 60 minutes of swimming.
5.The gel sheet: We adopt safe and non-toxic gel sheet ,the gel sheet should be replaced with the same type and model after using 20-30 times.